Wow I suck… at writing posts

Almost 2 years have passed….since my last blog.

Since I can not possibly cover everything I will just give a whats going on in my life as of now.

-Just ran 14:57 5000m on the track
-Dallas ITU next week. Triathlon opener.
– Just got sponsored by Xterra Wetsuits
– Writing my thesis and hopefully defend it to get my Masters
– Still living the dream.

That is all


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Time to get back up on that horse…

Alright…its been a while. I have been busy with research, TAing and just being awesome. The time has come for me to start my tri training for this coming season. I am starting to do base phase work and that of course means that I have started morning swims (lame).

Also I have an update on my leg….its better. Will start running on Thursday. However, it will only be 1km…and I will build from there. Won’t be much blogging the next little while…just getting my miles in. I will see where I stand in the next month or so.

Thanks for your time,





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2 for the price of 1!!!

As the title describes, I have 2 for the price of 1. What does that mean? I have 2 stress fractures in my right leg. One in my tibia and one in my fibula….3 words….WTF!! Since my last post I was starting to believe more and more that I had a stress fracture because the pain leveled off at a chronic type of level. So I was expecting my tibia to be KO’d for at least 4 weeks. But my fibula was a curve ball that I was not expecting.

So what does this mean? Well it will be 3 weeks this saturday since I last ran…so 50% there till I get to put my running shoes on again. What does this mean for my XC season?…I’m done… this has put me on the side lines watching the races…absoultely hate it!….So what have I learned? Two reasons I believe…1. changed my shoes from a slight stability pair to neutral ones…. 2. I did a ton of mileage way to fast… I felt like I had to rush things to ensure I got top 7 and sure enough it bit me in the ass….So what will I do?…if what I think will happen… I might be back next year racing for MAC… because I don’t know if I will be ready for track this January…we will see… but for now my XC season is behind me….time to start my quality swim workouts and hop back onto my bike…

Thanks for your time,


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Rochester Recap…and injury report

Race Report

Went to Rochester, New York for a XC meet…if you could call it XC. What my beef? It’s the course! It had spots that were extensive in pavement….like 200 meter stretches!!! This was kind of ridicoulous…like come on!! And the parts that were grass were wet enough that putting flats on would cause us to slide around like we were playing hockey. I chose to put spikes on because 7.5 km of the 8km course was grass and I thought it would be best to suck it up and hope I don’t blow up my knee.

The race started and I found myself in the lead group in the first 400 meters. I went through at 1:15 and was up there with Abbott and Yorke. I surprised myself because my legs felt tired and I wasn’t really pushing it. Rolled through the first K at 3:10. So I decided to keep the same effort level and get comfortable and not try to go with the leaders. I started to feel good around the 5 K marker and started to move through the packs. As I started the 5th to the 6th K, there was a section of the course where there was a climb up a pavement bridge….I started to pass guys and then BAM!! My knee started to REALLY hurt. I was struggling to bring my knee up and then people were starting to run away from me. I hit the 6 K marker and I realized that I have to run 2 more km and praying I could keep my 6th spot. However, just as I thought that, I saw JW pass me on my left. And at that point I knew I had to just cross the finish line. I stumbled over the line and I yelled to the trainers to get me some ice. 27:03, 37th overall and 7th on the team.

As I sat after the race I realized how badly I hurt my leg…it was so bad I couldn’t put any weight on it. I needed people to lean on to get me to the bus. I wasn’t happy with my race because at the end I was in a mind set that was “just cross the line” versus “race”. I know I could do better but that’s for future Andrew to deal with. Right now my focus is to fix this right leg of mine….I have 4 weeks. I pray it’s not a stress fracture…I don’t think so but the only definite way of knowing is a bone scan.

However, the doctor is being cautious and going about it that I might have a stress fracture. This is the news I got yesterday from my good friends at the sports clinic here at MAC. I don’t think it is broken because my right tibia ( a spot closest to the knee) actually doesn’t hurt when I strike the ground (it hurts to raise my leg…how is this a stress fracture???). So I have to get a bone scan regardless to clear myself for CI’s in November. But as for the condition of my leg from Saturday to Wednesday it’s like night and day. Today I can walk normally, I don’t need crutches and I feel like I can go for a run… However, I won’t run till I get this bone scan….Keep you posted

Thanks for your time,


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Mustang Open Recap

Before I get to the recap I have to mention an award that I was nominated for on Monday. I was nominated by a friend for the “The Therese Quigley Award for Graduate Student Leadership in Athletics.” Also, one of my good friends, Gabe, from the Mac swim team was nominated. They announced the winners at the actual ceremony so Gabe and I decided to chirp each other before the winner was annouced…..I was waiting anxiously and then my name was called for being the winner. I couldn’t believe that I won. Beating out all the qualified nominees and getting to shake hands with the Dean and Provost was really cool. I didn’t get to make a speech but for Gabe’s sake I guess that was a good thing. 😉

Yesterday was a my first XC race of the season. I knew I would be up at the top but a lot of things would have to fall into place for me to bring home the W. The race was at Gibbons Park and it was an extremely warm day (I was sweating just standing in the park) for October. The course is designed to be a zig-zag back and forth around the park till we run a total of 6km ( a lot of 180 turns). Anyways, the race was at 3:30 pm…a bad time to put a race because I don’t know how to plan my meals accordingly (I’m still learning…sue me). So I start getting warmed up but I am not feeling well at all. Felt sluggish, my stomach was a little upset and my legs were not as limber as I would have liked them to be. I couldn’t do anything about it now, just had to give’r and hope for the best. Lined up far side….some highschool took our box in the middle…we were a little upset.

The race. Found myself on the line at the start when the gun went off. I tried to get out quickly to the front and find the really fast guys. However, these high school kids think that running a 6km you must sprint all out at the start. These high school guys clogged the space in front me and I was stuck in the pack. I saw a couple of Western guys start separating themselves early (man I wanted to latch on) while I was stuck. The first 1km felt like I was battling the whole way to get near the front, didn’t feel comfortable at all. The 2nd km, I felt awful, legs were heavy, didn’t find a solid rhythm. However, I found myself with my teammate Eric Barry and I started to work with him. Both of us got into the lead pack and started to move to the front. It was around the 3km mark where I started to feel a little better and got into a rhythm. When I hit the 4km I found myself only with 2 other guys; Doug Curry and Biemnet Yemane. I knew that all three of us would be battling for the bronze at this point. Curry initially was leading but then Yemane decided to start pushing the pace. I latched on instantly to Yemane. Curry seemed to be fading so my mind focused on not letting Yemane run away. I know I don’t really have a kick so I didn’t wanted to make my move within the last km but not wait till the last 200m. Around 500m I made my move to pass Yemane. He seemed to have nothing left so I started to really dig in and make sure he didn’t have some last-minute heroics. I could taste that bronze and then bam! Currie comes from out of no where and starts kicking….I was stunned! But I had to make sure that Yemane didn’t get me. Crossed the line at 19:40 (It says 19:42 on the official sheet but there was no chip and I saw when I crossed). I was the first MAC guy, Eric Barry was second, followed by Duke Lloyd. The men’s team came 2nd to Western. The top 2 times went sub-19…. so that faster than last year. Overall pretty happy with the performance and how I raced. However, not so happy with the time…I wanted another 20 seconds off but pretty good for blowing out the cob webs. I’ll have my shot at redemption soon enough….Rochester is next weekend and whats even better is that it’s an 8 K!

Finally, here’s a write up from the MAC website:

Thanks for your time,


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What a weekend….

Sorry for a long over due post but as I mentioned before, I was/still am extremely busy….

Since my last post I am back into training (Hizah!) and the pain feels so good. First workout was not to bad, 20 min tempo on the Western Invite course with Yorke and Taylor Reid. Needless to say Yorke killed it (16:30 at the 5km mark…. what a beast!), Taylor and I stayed together for the entire tempo (17:00 at the 5km mark). It was an ok first workout back and we got to be rewarded to watch the women kill Guelph and take the number 1 ranking in the country. Yorke and I joked that the tempo was a pre load to the actual workout which was running around watching the race.

This past weekend I wasn’t allowed to go to Chicago due to lack of running experience (apparently triathlon results aren’t good enough…I have my shot to prove myself coming up at Mustang but that will be a later post). So I got to be home this weekend which wasn’t too bad because it was my birthday (Oct 2nd to be exact) and it was a memorable one to say the least.

Friday. Got to celebrate with the man who ran Olympic A standard in last weekends’ Toronto marathon…Reid Coolsaet. Also, my good friend and fellow triathlete Johnny Raz tagged along as well.  Coolsaet was kind enough to show me a cult movie which is very popular in Canada….FUBAR. (It’s an acronym but I will not spoil the fun…you have to search for it yourself.) Anyways, I got to watch the first one with Reid’s’ skateboarding crew in a skate shop downtown Hamilton. Then with costumes in tow, we went to the theatre to watch FUBAR 2. When we got there it was an incredible atmosphere! Guys were dressed up in mullets, cut off jeans, ripped plaid shirts, epic moustaches, and one guy had a beer box on his head. During the movie these cult followers were yelling and screaming at the screen which made the movie even a greater experience. Also, these guys were cracking beers in the middle of the movie which kept them well fueled for the entire movie. After, Coolsaet, Johnny and I went to London Taphouse where we met up with some friends. Great night!

Saturday. My actual birthday. Woke up early and I needed to go for a long run. Got in 90 mins but it felt like a death march. Following the run I wanted a big breakfast but no one wanted to come with me :(. Until I got a hold of my good friend from high school Andrew Scanlan. We actually decided to make breakfast and what a breakfast…Scanlan can cook! Then I manged to spend all afternoon with him, drinking his coffee, moving his air conditioner out of his window and watched a movie. Then I had to depart because I was needed at another celebration with my friends on the McMaster swim team. Got to catch with a lot of the guys and get in on some team news. Went to Taphouse again….not my idea but I just ended up there.

Sunday. Hung around my place in the AM. Then I packed my stuff up, drove to my parents place and had a great steak dinner with the people who are the reason I exist….

So I am sitting here, enjoying a birthday beer and reflecting on a great birthday weekend. What a great weekend. However, I must cut celebrations short…I have the Mustang Open nearing and I am hungry to race…I’ll put another post up closer to when I get to the actual race.

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Recovery…the art of doing nothing and timed it perfectly

Currently I am sitting in the McMaster Track house, enjoying a cup of tea and watching “The Event” tv show. Apparently its the new Lost but I’m not buying it!

Right now things are crazy as ever (If I never mentioned it, I am currently at Mac doing my Masters in Immunology). I am doing a TAship where I have to direct a bunch of undergrads how to use their brains, it’s so stressful but really cool to watch them bring things together. Also, I have a committee meeting coming up that I have to write a report and prepare a presentation for 3 professors that want to prove to you that you know nothing. These things are always one of the most stressful for grad students. And if that wasn’t enough, I have to prepare for a presentation in front of the whole department. So my timing for coming down from training and doing nothing was perfect.

However, Cross is calling. Being in Churchill park today with CHCH news filming our team made me even more excited about this season. Talked to the coaches and it looks like it’s the Mustang open first. Only a 6K but not a bad race to get started. Then 8 days later, 10K in Rochester. So my down time is limited but thats how us triathletes roll I guess….never stop.

This week, keep it to a minimum. But my first workout is a tempo at Western Invite this Saturday. I will be watching our ladies and gents with Yorke and Reid. Glad to be sitting out this one….this course hurts.


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